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We are also located at the Carrollton Ga.  Cotton Mill Farmers Markets every Saturday weather permitting.

609 Dixie St.

Carrollton Ga. 30117

8 to 11 a.m.


Becca's Jams & Jelly

Bringing you the more exotic and flavorful jellies and jams around! 

Your Taste buds Will Thank You For It!!!

Welcome to Becca's Jams & Jelly. Our main goal is to always achieve a high level of customer satisfaction with the  products that we provide.  This simple approach has effectively fueled our growth. We’re thrilled you’ve decided to visit us - please browse our site to discover what we’re all about.

 Shipping is limited to the state of Georgia. If you live in  or near the 30116 Area code ,please inquire about free delivery and or pick up.

Interested in fundraising? Give us a call and lets go over your options! We have something for everyone!


Our Story

 Becca's Jams & Jelly has been known for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction in our hometown.  It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today. For more information about the products and services we provide, reach out today. I have been canning homemade jams and jellies for  over 41 years.  I believe In doing things the old fashioned way, its this concept that has set me apart from the rest. I start with the freshest produce I can find, hand  inspecting every piece, nothing but the best produce and herbs go into making my jellies and jams.  I do not use any machines to extract any juices, everything is done the old fashioned way by hand. The end result is a clear pure jelly that spreads easily and has a wonderful flavor and aroma. I am pleased to be able to bring new and exciting flavors and made from scratch goodness to your table.

All products Dist. By: The Porcelain Pig Inc.

Proud Supporter & Member Of
The Cotton Mill

Farmers Market

What You Can DO With It?

Everyone Likes A Little Something Sweet

This is not your typical jams and jellies store. We offer custom labels for your occasion. Call for a quote.  Embrace the homemade flavor for your next family reunion, bridal showers,  baby shower, gender reveals, or social gatherings, gift baskets for Fathers Day , Mothers Day . Heck just for any day! and lets not forget  housewarming gifts! and


Whatever the occasion we have you covered!  Call for details and to place a custom order.

Jams & ,Jellies
Not Just For Breakfast

The Possibilities Are Limitless 

Try them on Cakes.Pies, Ice Cream, Cheese Cake,a new twist on Strawberry Shortcake. Make the talk of the neighborhood Jelly Roll  and  Thumbprint cookies. Chocolate layered  jam cake, homemade Doughnuts, Parfaits, Banana Splits, Scones, mix into Yogurt and Granola. Dips for apples, oatmeal...the possibilities are limitless. 


Try your hand  at  making glazes for meats. Fruit Glazes made with my jams are  especially delicious on  Pork Of any kind, Use Blueberry for any meat for a delightful and sensational change of pace. 

For Pork-Fig, Peach, Plum, Cherry, Blueberry, Blackberry or Strawberry Pomegranate 

Chicken -Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry,or Raspberry or Cranberry

Salmon- Cherry, Blackberry, Blueberry.

As I offer a very unique line of flavor combinations most all are suited to the above. 

So Go Ahead And Experiment  Your Tastebuds Will Love You For it!!

Customize Your Gift Basket! 

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Pick your own favorite flavors! Simply pick out the one you want, when check out just add what flavors you would like in the special instructions box. Each basket is listed with what it holds and the price reflected is for what is listed. I do offer custom made. Please send an inquiry or call for special orders. Unlike everyone else our baskets come with the full size Jars. That's 8 oz. Jams or Jellies. We don't undercut you by selling the small 2 and 4 oz. size jars. What you see in the baskets is what you get. If there ever is a need to substitute, we will reach out to you for approval.  All metal and bamboo baskets are hand made so allow for very sight variance. 

Becca's Jams & Jelly Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

Image by Arjun Kapoor

Customer Service Call

Next Level Service

We want all of our customers to experience the impressive level of professionalism when ordering from Becca's Jams & Jelly.  You can trust us to supply you with the best products, as well as top quality customer service.

Scheduled Delivery

Shipping is Limited to the State of Georgia

Frequently utilized by most of our customers, this service has been essential to success on many occasions. When it comes to all of our services, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. Let us know how we can assist you today.

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Opening Hours

Shop 24/7  On Line

 Customer service Available


Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm

Sat: closed

Sun: Closed

Please don't hesitate to send an email as they are checked regularly. I try to respond within 24 hrs or less

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