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I have been using jams and jellies for years from Becca, and nothing else I have ever tried has come close to the flavor or the quality she has. She has an outstanding variety to choose from. I also have her do my gift baskets every year and every year they are a big hit. They are all bigger than you would expect, and the pictures don't do them justice!

                                                         R. Jackson

I love the jams and jellies, my husband loves the syrups! He puts them on everything. I especially enjoy cooking with them! Because her flavors are so unique they bring a new spark to old favorites like jelly rolls! I didn't know what I was missing till I tried her products. 

                                                          Kay H. 

Thanks to her I can never eat store bought jelly or syrup again! 

Absolutely love her products!!!!!!

                                                             M. Idle 

Every time I think I have a favorite,,,I don't, because she come out with yet another one to wow us with!!! Love em all!!!!


                                                                        M. Johnson 

At first I was not sure I would like it because she uses such a wide variety of ingredients I had never seen used in jelly. Once I tried them there was no going back. Our family loves all of them, my kids will not eat store bought jelly anymore, they say "it's nasty". I especially love the syrup's!


                                                                            R Martin 

I think my favorite part of Becca's jelly is the aroma, you can just smell the difference. I never knew jelly could smell like that. Freshness is key for my family and she delivers just that. I also like the fact she finds different ways to sweeten her jellies and use less sugar. My kids like the fact that her jelly is easy to spread unlike traditional store bought. No matter what we try we are never disappointed! Thanks and keep up the wonderful work!!

                  M. Newman

All I can say is she makes it hard to pick just one!!!

                                                                        C. Harper

The best jams I have ever had, delivery was fast and easy. Absolutely delicious!!!

                    M. Johnson

Each bite is a flavor burst, don't know how you do it but don't ever stop. Best syrups I have ever had. I would go so far as to say its my new addiction!!! I cant pick a favorite!

                                                      C Bowens

All I can say is WOW!!  I never put much thought into buying jelly. I heard her speaking to someone and I just had to butt in. After talking to her, as promised she brought me some samples, and OMG who new!!! She really opened my eyes to what making jelly is all about and the many uses for it. My initial response just from a sample cup was mind blowing, the aroma was amazing! And the flavors are overwhelming. Every bite I could pick up a different flavor. There delicious!!! And the variety to choose from is wonderful. No more plain Jane from the grocery store jelly for us. Or syrups for that matter!!  Were hooked!

                                                                      F Evans

Outstanding customer service!! and her jams jellies are by far the best I have ever had. Love em!!! 

                         Sara P.

I like the syrups the best. My kids love the jams. I am always just shocked at the difference in flavor and aroma!!.  

                                                  L Rogers 

Absolutely wonderful. Great customer service. I love the gift baskets. They are always more beautiful in person, I feel like I actually bought a gift basket worth the money. Actually  you get more bang for the buck considering the jars are full size and some tiny thing.  

                                                    Susan H.

Your peanut butter never had it so good!!! The Blastin Blueberry is my FAVORITE!!

                 Mandy S.

I love everything!!! Never met a jelly from here I didn't like!                

                                                                                Toni R.

Incredible flavor sensation. My Favorite is the Wild Raspberry & Hibiscus with strawberry!! If you like strawberry you will love this!!

                                                                     Marla A.

I am so hooked on the Fall Festival flavor....OMG ITS APPLE PIE!! 

I cant even,, I love it!! Hot biscuit and a little butter and its heaven!!

                                                              Nancy W.

Wonderful customer service!!! Bar none the best jelly and syrup around. 

I- HOP syrups are now a thing of the past!!! 

                                                              B Walters

If you have never tried Becca's products then your missing out!! Fantastic and flavor packed and fresh!!

Great customer service and fast shipping as well. Always responds quickly and answers the phone!!! keep up the good work

                                                              D Franks

Delicious!!! Best I have ever had!!!

                                                            S. Peterson

My wife and I bought the Berries Jubilee and it was by far some of the best jelly we have ever had, my wife had a fit over it. If you like jelly and are tired of what you buy in the stores, and actually want a sensational tasting jelly then I would recommend trying jelly from here, its AMAZING!


                                                                  C. Eaden

I love jelly, and Becca's jelly is exceptionally clear. The smell is amazing! and the taste is a, shake your head and WOW kinda thing. There are flavors for everyone and we all have our own favorite. It's amazing how many there are and all unique in flavor, and all delicious! Great on ice cream, cheese cake. Highly recommend!!

                                                                      Emily V.

The Blastin Blueberry syrup is amazing, it sings out BLUEBERRIES at the first taste!  

                                                                Linda  & Larry W.

Where in the world did you learn to brew like this?  Darn near AMAZING!  My taste buds are jumping around like crazy!....  You will be busy for the holiday's on just my orders alone!.....  Is there a maximum that I can order?  No pressure.....hahahaha!!!    

                                                 E. Bronson


When I can take a spoon and just eat from the jar and not use bread or a muffin or nothing, you've got a WINNER!   As Shirley Temple use to say, " OH MY GOODNESS"!!!!   But then I scrambled two eggs, and put a hoagie roll in the oven, spread some butter  over top and toasted golden brown.  Topped it off with the

" Fall Festival Jam "..... then I tackled my husband it was so darn delicious!!!!!


                                                                            E. MathesMaith

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